About Phoenix James

The Early Years

I grew in the small town of Longview Texas. I had a great child hood there hanging out with my friends playing basketball most of the time and doing what kids do. Everything changed though the summer going into 8th grade when we had to move because my step-father was being transferred. I remember my mom giving us two choices, El Paso Texas or Mesa Arizona and asking us which place we preferred. At the time we just wanted to stay where we were but given the two choices Mesa Arizona sounded much better which is a suburb of Phoenix Arizona.

I’m the one flexing!

Growing Up

My older sister stayed in Longview but my brother who was only a year older than me and I had to move. We arrived in Mesa with my cousin who came along for the trip. All I can remember when we got there is that it was like being inside an oven at 110 degrees. The heat was intense and we still tried going out to play basketball. Needless to say that didn’t last very long and we learned very quickly that you can’t go out in the middle of the day to play hoops in the desert. After that summer ended school started I met some new friends and started a new chapter of my life.

Becoming Phoenix James


Phoenix James

My government name is James Henderson. When I got into internet marketing in 2010 I fumbled around in it for several years until I decided to get serious and find out what really works. I wanted to brand myself with my location so that is when Phoenix James was born. Now I focus bringing as much value as I can to the internet marketing community with this website via online reviews, free training and inside information to cut the learning curve for serious marketers looking to succeed.

Meet My Family

Here is a short video of me and my family having fun one summer. I’m a proud husband and father and I enjoy taking care of my family. Thank you for checking out my site and I hope to continue to provide valuable information to help you grow your business online.


Phoenix James