X Ranker 360 2.0 Review

X Ranker 360 2.0 Review











  • Automated Keyword Research
  • Rank First, Work Later
  • Advanced Notification System
  • 100% Web-Based


  • None Really! but if I had to pick something I would say that there is a small learning curve.

X Ranker 360 2.0 Review

Hey guys, Today I will be doing an X Ranker 360 2.0 Review which is a new version of a proven software created by Joshua Zamora. This new version is set to launch on May 20, 2018 at 11:00 EDT. This latest version of the popular software is said to be even more powerful than the previous version and promises to get you guaranteed page 1 rankings on Google within 48 hours. Let’s get in to this and see what it is all about.


Why You Should Want To Rank Videos On The First Page Of Google?

Getting high quality targeted traffic is the biggest problem for most internet marketers. You can set up all the funnels and landing pages in the world but if you’re not able to get targeted traffic you will not make any sales. Video marketing can be a sure fire way to get high quality traffic to your landing pages and money sites if you are able to rank on the first page of google for buyer keywords. X Ranker 360 2.0 review will break down why this software is good or bad for your video marketing campaigns.

How Does X Ranker 360 2.0 Work?

I want to make sure you understand a few things about this software. A key factor is the fact that it is web based; so you can use it anywhere and never have to worry about downloading anything to your computer. Check out the demo video below.

X Ranker 360 2.0 is made in a way that simplifies the ranking processes with several key components.

• X Ranker 360 2.0 has one of the most powerful keyword research modules ever made. Joshua Zamora’s development team have made it even more powerful by giving users exact match search information in which the competition or even google for that matter does not even provide.

• The software incorporates the [Pre-Work] ranking module so you will know where your video will rank even before making the video. Think about how much of a time-saver that will be. This element of the software alone is a huge benefit.

• The software will also notify you once your campaign is on page 1 of google. The cool thing about this is you will be able to continue working on your campaign after you are guaranteed page 1 rankings.

• While doing this X Ranker 360 2.0 Review I also discovered that there is a competition crushing module that syndicates your content. X Ranker 360 2.0 is already a proven brand with tons of customers in the place and more still coming in on a daily basis. These more advanced features are ready to be issued to new customers.

Is X Ranker 360 2.0 Worth Buying?

Product Quality (5/5)
Ease of Use (4.5/5)
Trust Factor (5/5)
Support (4.5/5)

In my opinion this is an excellent product and is definitely worth buying; especially for marketers struggling with getting traffic to their offers. As far as I know, no other application does video ranking like X Ranker 360 2.0. Also no other application can guarantee page 1 rankings even before putting all of the hard work of creating videos for a certain keywords. This is what makes this product exceptional in my opinion.

What’s Missing from X Ranker 360 2.0?

If you continue to spend some time consuming my content you are going to find that I’m a staunch advocate for being able to sell your own products. Although X ranker 360 2.0 is very good at getting traffic with videos; in my opinion sending that traffic to your own products so you can keep all the profit and build your email list is the most important thing to do with this software.This will truly maximize the full potential of X Ranker 360 2.0 and allow you to build a sustainable internet marketing business.

Joshua Zamora and his team has provided some vendor bonuses that everyone will be giving away, but in tandem with the vendor bonuses I have created a custom bonus for anyone who purchases X Ranker 360 2.0 through my exclusive link. My custom bonuses include Three Done For You Products That Have Master Resell Rights. This means you will be able to sell these products as your very own and keep 100% of the profits while adding buyers to your email list which is the most important thing to do for an online marketer. You can find out more about my custom bonuses at the end of this X Ranker 360 2.0 Review.


In a nutshell, with X Ranker 360 2.0, you are guaranteed Google page 1 rankings. There is a small learning curve you will experience until you get used to the process but the support for this product is an A++ and you should be up to speed within the first week. Seriously my 11 year old could have this process down one day so don’t worry about it.

There is a lot of value on just the front end of this product ; however if you are serious about traffic and making internet marketing a full time business you should pick up the OTO’s to maximize your success.

Finally my custom bonus is the missing piece to X Ranker 360 2.0 but my custom bonuses will only be available for a limited time so you need to act fast as I will be removing them once the launch is over. You can find out more about the One Time Offers with this product, the Vendor Bonuses and my Custom Bonuses below.

Thank you for reading my X Ranker 360 2.0 Review and I hope this is helpful. Don’t forget to check out the OTO’s and Bonuses Below!

Here is the sales funnel and OTO pricing!

X Ranker 360 2.0 Review

** Hey guys please remember that with any product launch, pricing and funnel order may be subject to change as vendors will make sure to maximize conversions for their affiliates; however, as of right now the image above supports the current flow and pricing for the X Ranker 360 2.0 sales funnel.



The front end will consist of the main X Ranker 360 2.0 software. The Zamora Team will have 2 distinct versions with feature stacking as a way of providing more value for the more expensive version.

OTO #1

Two offers will be presented on the 2nd one time offer
1. The first offer will be lifting all restrictions on the software and users will be able to run an unlimited number of searches, rank an unlimited amount of videos and track an unlimited amount of videos.
2. Users will unlock an Agency license. This means they’ll be able to rank their own personal videos AND their clients videos as well.

OTO #2

This will give users access to the SyndLab Web-App. SyndLab is a built-in tool in X Ranker 360 that allows syndication of videos for faster ranking. (Basically allows you to to put you video link on several social networks for strong social signals for faster ranking)

The process will work as follows:
1. Login to your SyndLab account,
2. Copy & paste your API key inside of the X Ranker 360 integrations page.

From their it’s just one-click submissions via SyndLab


This will be a Pro license version of SyndLab for a one-time payment.

OTO #3

This will be an offer for access to the SyndBuddy community at a huge discount. This will allow users to leverage the community sharing platform to super charge their syndication. SyndLab allows users to share their content across their own networks. SyndBuddy gives them access to over 2,800 users ready and willing to share their content on THEIR networks! *This is a powerful feature that will push your videos above the competition

*Below Are My Custom Bonuses. Purchase X Ranker 360 2.0 Via My Exclusive Link & The Download Link Will Be Provided Right Inside Of JVZOO Labeled PHOENIX JAMES BONUSES*

X Ranker 360 2.0 Review & Bonus

X Ranker 360 2.0 Review

X Ranker 360 2.0 Review & Bonus

X Ranker 360 2.0 Review

X Ranker 360 2.0 Review & Bonus

X Ranker 360 2.0 Review

*Below Are The Vendor Bonuses. Access To These Bonuses Will Be Available Within The Software If You Purchase During The Launch Special Only Starting On May 20, 2018*

X Ranker 360 2.0 Review & Bonus

X Ranker 360 2.0 Review

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